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I learned Amos in this year and this is my first game. Port game from 1984 year. Original platform was PC MS-DOS with CGA graphic, or Tandy Computers.

53 levels in this game.

Editor is not yet finished.

 - In lift choose number of level (1-53)

 - In menu: "H" - Highscore screen

 - In game: ESC - escape, "R" - restart level

 - I added my graphics for Amiga (16-color)


Complete version of Soko-Ban in Blitz Basic 2.

 - Futures from amos version are here

 - Faster moving boxes on a CPU 7MHz


 - Added simple sounds in game

 - In game menu lift "EDITOR" I change to "ABOUT" and there is a "credits room"


 - Fixed bug with Rainbow displaying. NOW GAME WORK FINE WITH KICKSTART 1.3!!! 

If you have some bugs, please tell me.


Sokoban2022.adf 880 kB
soko_blitz.adf 880 kB

Install instructions

Download .adf file and run in real Amiga (68000 7MHz) or emulator.

If you run this game in Workbench please run SOKO.EXE

In Blitz version minimum kickstart 3.0 for "Amiga mode" and if possible - disable CPU Cache.

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