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This is a port of "Jumpman Lives!" from PC-DOS to Amiga 500.

Tested on WinUAE A500 with kickstart 3.2, 256kB Chip RAM and 1MB Fast RAM

To start push FIRE

[`] - jump to next level

[ESC] - quit game

!!! New version 12.07.2022 !!!

 - code optimised

 - game on only 1 disk

 - bottom info bar is locked

 - game is little faster

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)


Jumpman.adf 880 kB

Install instructions

Start with jump1.adf

If game asking for jump2, then load jump2.adf.


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I cannot get the game to start. Jumpman just jumps up and down in the same place? I am using Amiga Forever.

Maybe You have autofire selected. Try Winuae or a real Amiga.

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Would be helpful if you could also play with keyboard keys.

Now I checked it and I remembered :) If the guy jumps up and down in the start screen, hold down FIRE until it starts loading level 1. This is about the moment when he falls and lands after a jump.

Just tried it, and it worked. Love the game!